EmPowers Photography Website | Shopify Web Design by eWagner Consulting, Boise, Idaho

Shopify Website Design & Copy Editing

EmPowers Photography

EmPowers Photography provides lifestyle photography in the Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon area. Founder, Emily, was wanting an atypical photographer website that would match her edgy, raw photography style. She also needed a responsive portfolio that could be filtered by session type. She provided the basis of her written and photographic content (using my easy-to-complete content questionnaire for each page). I then copyedited and put everything together in ways that make sense for each page. Building her site on Shopify means that she can bill her clients directly through her own website. Her response when she first saw the site? "Love, love, love!"

Three-Sixty Interiors Website | Web Design by eWagner Consulting | Boise, Idaho

Shopify Website Design & Copy Editing

Three-Sixty Interiors

Three-Sixty Interiors provides home staging, color consultation and design services in the Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon area. Founder, Emily Austin, originally tried creating her own site in WordPress and was quickly overwhelmed. That's when she turned to me and we decided Shopify was a great option for her. In addition to being user-friendly for her to make updates, she's also able to easily bill clients directly through her website.

Emily was looking for web design that matched her modern home design style as well as help with compiling and copy editing her written content. Her response to her new site says it all: "This website is AMAZING and I LOVE it!!!!! You did a great job on it and I’m 100% satisfied!"

Foremost Management Group Website & Logo | Web Design & Logo Design by eWagner Consulting, Boise, Idaho

Squarespace Website Design, Logo Design & Copy Editing

Foremost Management Group

Foremost Management Group is Boise's premier property management company. When company owner, Ryan, contacted me, he was looking for a clean, modern logo and professional, easy-to-operate website that would serve as a gateway for both property owners and prospective tenants to find further information and easily get in touch with the Foremost team.

The company logo plays off of the F in Foremost with the two-tone approach to the house image. It's clean, easy-to-read and will lend itself well to a variety of uses, including on signs at rental properties that need to be easily read by drivers by.

Because Foremost didn't need to be able to bill through their website, we decided to go with Squarespace for the website platform. The result is a professional website that's easy to operate both on the backend and on the frontend.

Wooden Teddy Bear Shopify Web Design by eWagner Consulting, Boise, Idaho

Shopify Website Design

Wooden Teddy Bear

Wooden Teddy Bear sells nearly 10,000 products both in their online store and via catalog. Their previous site was outdated by many years both in style and functionality and required them to do a lot of manual data entry to process their orders. So I created an easy-to-use, modern eCommerce site using Shopify with greatly improved functionality for both them and their customers.

Their thoughts? "Emily has been great in helping us update an outdated website and give it a fresh, clean, and more user-friendly look. She has worked with us to get exactly what we needed. She is quick, organized, and thoughtful in her ideas. Our site contains thousands of products and complex variables for discounts, shipping, and more. Emily has been great at finding ways to make all our complexities work!"

Sand Hollow Doodles Website | Shopify Web Design by eWagner Consulting, Boise, Idaho

Shopify Website Updates & Design

Sand Hollow Doodles

The folks at Sand Hollow Doodles have been in business for a few years and had an existing Shopify website; however, their customers were having difficulty navigating a site that was more like an online store than like a dog breeder website. Since they liked the general style of the website, they went with my Website Review package where I took an in-depth look at their site and provided them with a detailed analysis of suggested changes. They liked all of the suggestions in the analysis so I got to work updating their site to get it really working for them.

Once the updates were completed, they emailed me the following: "THANK YOU!!!! for doing our site!! It looks amazing!! A thousand times better. You fixed everything that always bugged me about it, and more!"

Haiku Organics Website | Web Design by eWagner Consulting | Boise, Idaho

Shopify Website Design, Product Descriptions & Copy Editing

Haiku Organics

When Haiku Organics' founder and formulator, Clarissa, came to me she was beyond frustrated. Her local web hosting company had sold her on the ease of using WordPress and she had quickly learned that WordPress gets really complicated really fast. With so many plug-ins and the difficulties of trying to make even simple changes, she was done.

She wanted a sleek, minimal aesthetic for her site that really showcased her products and her services as a massage therapist, esthetician and sugarist. She was also on a time crunch as she needed her new site in time for presenting her products to celebrities at an Emmy's gifting suite. So I quickly got to work fashioning exactly what she was looking for, including copy editing her existing content and writing her product descriptions.

Switching to Shopify has made her life much easier. She no longer has to worry about things breaking when she needs to make updates and she has a site she can be proud of.

Mike's Workshop Website | Web Design by eWagner Consulting | Boise, Idaho

Shopify Website Design & Copy Editing

Mike's Workshop

The folks over at Mike's Workshop acquired their original site from the company's original owner, an elderly gentleman who was selling the company as he was reaching the age where he couldn't run it himself. To say the site was dated almost seems like an understatement. The design of the website was more distracting than helpful, they couldn't capture and process credit card transactions and all orders had to be manually typed in by their customers—leading to frequent errors and lots of follow up. The website also had lots of written content that needed editing, a daunting task for the staff of the now family-owned Mike's Workshop.

When they reached out to me about updating their site and editing their content, they explained that they needed something simple and easy to operate as a lot of their customers are older and not super tech-savvy. The end result is a clean and easy to navigate site that has left them with more time on their hands to process orders and provide customer service. Order errors are now nearly impossible and processing transactions is an automated breeze.